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... was born 1956 in Munich, Germany and currently lives in Canton, Texas.

His motto for art is:

"I am a realist through and through, apolitical and not moralizing. This realism, which tends less to represent reality than to establish reality, rejects any emphasis and any dramatic sensation or satirical intention in a work of art.

They are authentic creations, separate from the abstract and from what could be contemptuously described as illustrative. The supposedly realistic pictorial designs are not simple representations of a depictable reality, but always reconstructions that transcend mere experience. I try to represent the found or invented motif in such a way that as an artist I give the viewer the feeling of encountering a new reality that has more weight than just an image."

Modern artists, such as Francis Bacon, Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns or Sigmar Polke not only influenced his development, but were also partly interpreted in his work.

Anton Franz Höger’s work should be seen as a part of creative and indicative actualities of our time. In that sense, the deciding factor in his artistic creation full of imagination is not one’s own experience as a consumer of art, but the processes that depend on cognition, which are shown as the essence of truth in modern philosophy.

Anton Franz Höger is a winner of many international art prizes and his works have been exhibited in numerous cities around the world.

Among others in Montreal, New York, San Diego, Cincinnati, Zurich, Zagreb, Florence, Munich, Nuernberg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Kiel, just to name a few.


ANTON FRANZ HÖGER a member of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism, founded by five writers and painters, including Ernst Fuchs. Although he graduated in the late 70s of the last century, he fully dedicated himself to painting only in 2000.

”Vienna School“, Höger’s artistic origin, is characterized by unreal, dreamy motifs in opulent Mannerist style, elab orate techniques of the old Italian and Dutch masters. Despite the admiration towards the artistic finesse of the old masters and eccentric and dynamic Baroque painting that can be seen as a natural basis of Höger’s art or Malgeschichte. His paintings contain the essence of philosophical, and go beyond the ‘pure techniques’ of his painting style.

Höger’s work deals with social issues, such as the present position of women in the society, or the attempts at the destruction of man manifested by a low-quality TV programme.

He also creates thematic corpuses, such as integration, participation and power of the media, as well as rewritings of history. Höger’s paintings are the mirror of our present existence.

Solo Exhibitions

2017 - HDLU - Mestrovicev Paviljon Museum Zagreb (Solo exhibition)

2015 - Solo exhibition Munich (Kunstgalerie Stumpf)

2014 - Solo exhibition Munich (Kunstgalerie Stumpf)

2013 - Solo exhibition Munich (Kunstgalerie Stumpf)

2012 - Solo exhibition Munich (Kunstgalerie Stumpf)

2011 - Kunstpreis Blau-Orange der Stadt Coburg

2011 - Solo exhibition Munich (Kunstgalerie Stumpf)

2009 - Solo exhibition Bamberg (Kunstgalerie Senger)

2006 - Solo exhibition Munich (Realismusgalerie)

2005 - Solo exhibition Soho, New York, (Agora-Gallery)

2005 - Solo exhibition Montreal (Gora-Gallery)

Group Exhibitions

2020 - Group exhibition (Foundry Art Centre-Saint Charles, Mo)

2020 - Group exhibition (Malamegi Lab 11-Italy)

2020 - Group exhibition (The Arkansas Arts Center)

2019 - Group exhibition Munich (Størpunkt)

2018 - San Diego 2018 (Art Fair)

2018 - New York (Levine Gallery)

2018 - Cincinnati, OH (Manifest Gallery)

2018 - Munich (Kunstgalerie Stumpf)

2018 - A Midsummer Night's Dream - Museo della Citta' di Rovinj Rovigno

2016 - Nord Art

2016 - Art Weekend Nuremberg

2016 - Luxembourg Art Fair

2014 - Art Fair Köln

2015 - Art Stroke Munich

2014 - Art Stroke Munich

2014 - Munich (Kunstgalerie Stumpf)

2013 - Art Stroke Munich

2013 - Essen (Kunstgalerie am Turm)

2013 - Coburg (Kunstverein)

2012 - Munich (Kunstgalerie Stumpf)

2010 - Tubingen (Schedhalle)

2008 - Solo exhibition Bamberg (Kunstgalerie Senger)

2007 - Biennial Florenz

2006 - Chelsea, New York (Agora-Gallery)

Fine Art Paintings

"Höger’s work deals with social issues, such as the present position of women in the society, or the attempts at the destruction of man manifested by a low-quality TV programme."

Exhibition Highlight

Anton Franz Höger


January 17 – February 05, 2017

Ring Gallery

"The Home of the Croatian Association of Artists had the honour to present the work of the famous German artist, painter Anton Franz Höger.

Formal opening of the exhibition BALANCE was held on January 17, 2017, and the exhibition was open until February 5, 2017.

The exhibition gave an overview of Höger’s work from 2003 onwards, which includes highly valued works of art that have already been exhibited in prestigious galleries in Montreal, New York, Munich, Nuremberg and other cities.

This surprise for the local audience has been selected and curated by Željko Marciuš, and the exhibition is a result of cooperation between the Croatian Association of Artists and Henry Stag Art Management Production Company.

It was set in the Ring Gallery, the largest gallery of the Croatian Association of Artists, which stretches over 700 m2 and thus provides enough space for more than 40 works created by this extraordinary artist."

Publication Highlights

Mundus - (German Based Magazine)


Myth and Reality

On the visual language of Anton Franz Höger

Dr. WERNER FASSRAINER (Ludwig-Maximilian University-Munich)

"Stories of times long past are enormously popular. They reach all classes of society and may be transformed into myths through the original forms of communication, such as literature, drama, performance, music and painting, and in our time in particular through the media in the form of television, film and the internet. The artist Anton Höger, however, is no painter of myths. For him, myth is a stylistic device, a bridge, which he offers the viewer of his works as an initial approach to his art. Höger is not someone who reissues or even interprets a tradition; he is a modern artist whose works focus on the modern age, in other words the here and now. This demands of the viewer of his pictures a readiness to make the leap from the myths depicted into the present day.

But first of all let us look back: the Greek poet Homer, possibly the greatest of all creators of myths, was subjected to violent criticism even in ancient times, for example from Xenophanes, who regards myth as belonging to the realm of fiction: “Praise the man who when he has taken drink brings noble deeds to light, as memory and a striving for virtue bring to him. He deals neither with the battles of Titans nor Giants nor Centaurs, fictions of old, nor furious conflicts – for there is no use in these. But it is good to always hold the Gods in high regard.” Plato’s critique of myth in his famous Phaedo dialogue regards myth as being the same as poetry, in that it does not produce any descriptions of reality. Instead of arguing rationally, myth invents stories; indeed, the Latin word fabula is the equivalent of the Greek word mythos. Thus, in antiquity mythos was the opposite of historia (the recording of history). Histôr is the person who has observed something. An eyewitness! The latter, however, can be mistaken – can become the victim of deception. Nevertheless, the eyewitness is a historian and is distinct from the narrator of myths. The historian is bound to relate what really happened. Anton Höger now goes one step further. He contrasts myth with reality – especially the reality of the here and now. This difficult and controversial concept is one of Höger’s prime concerns. By examining some of his central works of the past years we can study the way in which he implements it in his artistic work."

* Shaping Living 6th Edition Bavaria: Schoolbook Grade 6 (Shaping Living. Edition for Bayern Gymnasium from 2017)

/ The Judgment Of Solomon / $120,000 / 60” x 79” / 2008 / Oil on Canvas /

62	The Judgment Of Solomon 	Oil on Canvas	59.06” x 78.74”	2008	$120,000	76


Multiple Award Winning Contemporary Artist

International Prize Frida Kahlo

Florence Biennale

Grey Cube Gallery

35th Texas & Neighbors Regional Art Exhibition

The 41st International Art A Vita Online Art Contest


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Mauricio Miguel Velasco

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Anton Franz Höger